John Moro

I have no limit or style well defined and it suits me very well ! My creations are mainly based on photos which I then retouch by hand using digital tools such as Google Keep, but I also make sculptures, paintings and creations on cardboard. My favorite field is Abstract Figurative Art (retouched digital portraits) as well as Geometric Art (digital, on paper, cardboard). Colors are also very important to me, like many artists. Everything is done compulsively, it is in these precise moments that creativity is best. I always give a name to a creation after its conception and never before ! My influences come mainly from a family heritage made up largely of avant-garde artists such as Kraftwerk, Suicide, Aphex Twin, Alan Vega (Visual artist), or even the English group Roxy Music who all revolutionized history music and graphics. I am a great admirer of Architects Le Corbusier, Walter Gropius, Marcel Breuer, directors Jacques Tati, François Truffaut, Terry Gilliam and Artists François Morellet, or more recently Sam Friedmann or Kaws.



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