Museum DKM

Güntherstraße, Duisburg, Deutschland

The DKM Museum is located in a quiet side street in central Duisburg, between Kant Park, LehmbruckMuseum and the Central Station. Named using the initials of donors and museum founders Dirk Krämer and Klaus Maas, the private exhibition space was opened in early 2009. The building is a former residential and commercial property from the 1960s, which Swiss architect Hans Rohr transformed into a home for the arts with over 2,700 square metres of exhibition space. Titled “Lines of quiet beauty”, the permanent exhibition shows the result of 40 years of collecting by the museum founders. The presentation focuses on the comparison of past and contemporary design language and the dialogue between traditional Asian and modern European art. Distributed over 51 rooms and five floors of exhibition space, the “Lines of quiet beauty” is the order of the day. All works in the DKM Collection ask to be seen or looked at in silence. exhibition includes works from over 40 modern and contemporary artists from Europe and Asia, Japanese scroll paintings and ceramics from the 18th and 19th centuries, artifacts from ancient China, from ancient Egypt, Gandhara, Cambodia and Thailand’s Ayutthaya Kingdom. The museum also hosts regular temporary exhibitions related to the focal points of the collection. Museum DKM; Song Dong, Write your message with water, 2001 © Stiftung DKM | Foto: Werner J. Hannappel


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